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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Ceretive artist, Amazing artist, Indian artist, Word famous artist, Indore artist,

Unique art by Indian famous artist - Wajid Khan 

Ceretive artist
Amazing artist
Indian  artist
Word famous artist
Indore artist

One of the world’s most famous artists to receive more than five global awards is none other than Wajid Khan.The famous artist is known for his unique art of carving canvas with iron nail. Indian art consists of variety of art form which can be more précised when we categorise it in modern art and traditional art form. Wajid is the one who has earned the patent of iron nail art when he completed his first nail art portrait of Mahatma Gandhi. Later he made nail paintings of noted people such as Mother Teresa, Mother Merry, Lord Jesus, Salman Khan, Dhirubhai Ambani and many others. It took almost three years to complete this unconventional work of him and this made him widely famous artist. Wajid’s nail paintings were exhibited in Mumbai in the Year 2014. Indian  artist Wajid's  list of awards and recognition also records the one which gets from late President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for three times.
Ceretive artist Wajid Khan is playing a key role in making Indian famous arts a universal one. This Amazing artist Wajid Khan is known for acquiring patent for 140 kinds of amazing art and inventions. One of his inventions include world’s smallest “electric iron” for which
his name was included in the Guinness Book of World Records. Word famous artist Wajid's idea of creating painting with the use of spare parts of auto mobiles is another landmark in the art world. Not only this, he has also done a highly detailed carving with medical equipments and created an artefact of an innocent crying girl child. He made this creative art on a social ground to spread the message to stop foeticide.
Moreover, the top Indian artist has also been assigned for making an amazing art piece at 2022 FIFA World Cup which is will be organised in Qatar. The World will see a creative art work in the form of amazing sculpture of 10000 sq. feet, which he will design with the use of many unusual materials. This handmade Sculpture art will be the biggest sculpture ever created.
This Indore artist Art master, Wajid who has been originated from a small village of Madhya Pradesh near Indore is now listed among the names of Dubai artist. He is worldwide famous for his unique art style or the quality he exude to the world of art. India is a storehouse of enormous talent, with some great artists of diverse genre. Indian famous artist, Wajid Khan’s works have been able to catch the eye of art lovers around the world.

You can visit to see exceptional work of famous artist Wajid Khan.

Ceretive artist
Amazing artist
Indian  artist
Word famous artist
Indore artist

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Wajid Khan An Amazing Artist Blessed with list of talents

Wajid Khan : An Amazing Artist Blessed with list of talents


Wajid khan a well known Indian artist, born on 10th march 1983 is a great sculptor, portraitist, patent holder and inventor. He is really a big shining star in the Indian art field. Wajid khan’s  creativity in carving canvas with the nails is a most known and famous art throughout the world.

Journey of life:

As we know, great people faced great struggles in life, same with this famous artist. He has faced so many struggles in his childhood as Wajid khan was born in a very poor family of a small village. With many hardships of life, Wajid khan invented world’s smallest electric iron at the age of 14. In addition to this great invention, he further invented water theft device, centralized touch activated switch, light sensor & gear locking and much more. From the list of 200 inventions, his electric iron was named in the Guinness Book of World Records.  

Wajid is blessed with the unique art talent. Wajid khan  created a beautiful painting on canvas, which was recognized as a world’s first 3D painting. This world famous artist is not only a great inventor but also a great nail artist. Wajid khan owns nail art and nail painting patent and no one can even touch his height of creativity. Nail painting of Mahatma Gandhi was Wajid khan’s  first success in this field, after that Wajid  created portraits of Lord Jesus, Sai Baba, Mother Mary, Salman Khan, Dhirubhai Ambani, and many more.

Sculpture art is the latest creation of his outstanding mind. Wajid  created so many sculptures with the use of junk and spare parts of vehicles like Hero Honda, Mercedes Benz, Passion Plus Bike and so on.  Wajid’s idea of creating amazing sculpture by utilizing spare parts is really incredible.  Wajid khan is not only a great artist but also a great human being who understands his responsibility towards society that’s why he participated in the Save Girl Child Campaign and created medical equipment with the objective to give a social message towards stopping foeticide.

Recognitions for his Famous Art
Nail Art is one of the most innovative and amazing creation of Wajid that was included in Limca Book of Records. In 2012, Wajid khan got place in the Golden Book of World Records due to his fantastic nail art. His 3D portraits of Mahatma Gandhi and many other personalities also got huge applauding and he again named in the India Book of Records. Most recent recognition was his speech in the IIM Indore. In 2015, he was invited to lecture on the topic Innovation in Management.

Wajid Khan’s art is not only praised in India but he has also been liked in the vast counties like Dubai and is considered as a versatile Dubai artist. Really, this simple village boy built a great inspiration for all the youngsters.

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